Şahin Hidrolik Makine Ltd. Şti. company having established in 1998, has been producing and marketing LPG equipment since 2001 to the present day. The equipment that we are carrying out the production and marketing, are presented to the market under our registered trademarked of 'FALCON'. We provide high quality products and service to our customers together with our facility equipped with modern equipment, with our experienced staff and our R & D work that is following closely the requirements of the sector. Our company that is carrying the manufacture of LPG dispensers, LPG flowmeters, underground Flexible Pipes - Fittings and other equipment required for installation of LPG Autogas stations, thanks to our technical team experienced in LPG at the same time strives to be a solution partner to our customers at home and abroad together with surveying, design, turnkey installation of LPG auto gas stations, consulting, 7/24 technical support services for the installation of Autogas stations.


* To become a Turkish brand, the leader of LPG sector together with our policy of quality products and services conforming to the international standards. * To keep customer satisfaction at the highest level together with the quality of our products and services. * To produce the products according to the environment and human health in compliance with the needs and expectations of customers in line with our vision and mission. * Carying out product improvements having the specifications to meet customer expectations by identifying requirements parallel to the evolving technology in the domestic and foreign sectors at the right time. * To deliver products for the service of customers which are in compliance with technical features in the published standards and norms that are published by the national and international official agencies, * To improve product quality in the issues of after sales usage and maintenance in line with the demand and information from our customers in order to ensure continuity of customer satisfaction. * Aims to ensure the development and continuity of the Quality Management System in line with the novelties that may occur in the sector.


Needed in the areas of LPG Autogas sector, our company offering solutions with quality and customer-focused products, with affordable and competitive prices by lowering the investment costs of customers to the very minimum, Aims to increase sales of LPG to maximum levels.